torsdag den 30. juni 2011

Bodymodding skin

I think I might end up doing one collected text about playing with the alterations of physical trades...So far I'm just gathering notes under the label "Bodywork"

Selftanner to get a believable tan, to get an unbelievable tan and to get crazy brown is a good tool.

Doing it badly at home can actually lead to interesting results also. I think, that if Selftanner intentionally is applied badly, it can be made to look like a believable skindisease or really worn skin. The advantages of using Selftanner instead of makeup is obvious.- It can be touched, you can try to cover it up with makeup and all the shizzles....

I love how one failed experiment still leads to new data :D

mandag den 27. juni 2011

Joani the tantric guru part 3


I spoke to my soon to be playmate - that is going to portray Joanis husband Kohani. One aspect of their relationship is described as " You touch and talk and keep the erotic power
awake between you, also when there’s no room or time for becoming One".

For this we will actively use:

I think it will work wonders. We will use "acting alike" as " signaling sexual/emotional interest" and "acting different" as the opposite. This will make us able to give eachother a feeling of more or less constant attention without having to talk or even be in the same group of people. I think of their connection as water for some reason. It flows, it is kinda slow and fluent.

It might even make our Characters seem a bit uncanny at times, witch I think is perfect :)

Kohani is the ultimate hippie, and i think she wears clothing to please him. She has been hunting him down for years and doesn't want to alienate him. On the other hand, she wants to join the 80's and the fashion and I am gonna hunt for stuff, that makes her feel modern but also look attractive to her man. She knows that she has the right to wear what she want's, but she also feels like she has the right to be desired by her husband.

I think my problem with Joani is, that she is kinda simpleminded...But I have tackled that before...Maybe in this realization I will finally get my hands around her neck :)

Her spiritualism is a simple one. She feels certainty and wants others to feel it as well. She wants others to feel as free from fear as she does.

I think that she is very good at what she does, because of her immediate and honest way of acting and responding. She gets angry and sad on direct impulse and she knows that the goddess exists. She can feel scared and uncertain when she is stressed and confused, but in her center ( lies no existential fear) is the love of the Goddess and her love for Joani.
She feels intentional. She walks around knowing, that she is on this planet with the Goddess direct intent behind her. ( this is kinda scary :)
And for now she feels like, she knows where the universe wants her to go and that she is in tune with that.

So....Average IQ, Good at reading social ques, dressing for her guy ( hippiestyle), Certainty as product and inner center... More to come!

søndag den 12. juni 2011

Joani the tantric guru part 2

Joani and her love...

A happy marriage with a masculinity guru that she was in love with, before he discovered her. A connection with a person that completes her, and impresses her. A highly charged physical connection.

For me there is a difference between reading lines like the ones above, and feeling them. Connecting the written with emotions is what i use a lot of preparationtime for.

For Joani's love I had the idea to connect it to emotions I empathise with when I watch the women in dr Who ( 9 and 10) and base Joanis view of her husband, on the tree leading ladies view of the Doctor.

this video is gonna be her themesong for him, and describes the overall feeling of how she believes in him

The tree ladies in Dr who is gonna represent their archtypical emotion towards the doctor.

Rose - The love that is worthy of his sacrifice and powerful enough to fight for him
Martha - The one that is good enough to be his companion but never to reach his romantic intimacy.
Donna - His equal. Platonic friendship of equal powers.

The "Patchwork model" is basically to divide Joanis perception and reactions to things involving love, and to connect them to different associated emotionpackets for me.

Joani as the wife
Joani as the guru
Joani when she is without him/when she is a mother to her son and a friend

- i'm gonna rewatch dr who 2005 and get the nuances of the different characters. The only thing I'm certain of ( for now :-p ) is that I wont powercast them - a.k I won't take the easy fit. For me that would be equals in the marriage. But it might end up there.

Anyways- The themesong for him is in the bag and I am gonna get some photos of my younger brother from the 80'ies and early 90'ies to work as Joanis son. They look old and "in that style" and have the advantage of looking like me! I might actually just morph my feelings for my brother to describe some of the motherly feelings, because I don't have much experience with it. I have some memories from playing " The Journey" that thought me some empathy with motherhood, but I think it is a hard one to fake with a non-player person. And the son Daffodil is not gonna be in the game...So I need some easily accessible emotion unless I find another way in. He has to be a huge part of Joanis life, but since it might be almost unmentioned during playtime, it is a lot of work to do, for no other reason than an honest portrait of a Character that has this aspect to her life. Anyways- Solving this paradoxish problem is one of my priorities :)

Removing bodyhair is effective, but not really necessary to do all the way. The "naked" arms are really interesting but the little hair that got removed from torso was kinda undetectable - and it was kinda complicated to arms and legs are gonna get waxed.

fredag den 10. juni 2011

Joani the tantric guru part 1

So...first post on this blog and first post in English.

The tags pretty much sum up the Character i'm gonna play : Tantric Guru in the 80's in a realistic larp.

Today i'm gonna experiment with some bodywork that I have seen friends do for real life, but never used for a Larp. The Character I am working on is gonna be in a highly sexual relationship with her husband, and I want to do work with the role, that enhances that relationship but also makes it very much a part of the Character and not me. I don't want to pull "Close to home" and "bleed" tools into it. It would be a lot easier to meditate on my co-player and project my feelings for real-life partners onto him, but I want to do the hard work for this one.

The first thing I am gonna try is basically an almost full body-shaving. I've shaved my legs in periods ever since i turned tween, but the removal of arm and bodyhair is not something that I associate with feeling like me. I had a friend that used to do it, and combined with oil it made her skin feel smooth and alien and if I find a trademark smell for a bodyoil, I will write my co-player so he can have an idea of Joani's smell if he wants to.

I ordered 3 pairs of sunglasses in very distinct and different styles, and they will either be used for every year or fit one of the styles Im gonna end up using for her clothing.

I've found a lot of audiobooks on spiritual topic's, but I think I have to find some videos an possibly some courses with some charismatic gurus on there.

More Bodywork. The hair! Omg...Well... I was first going to go to a hairstylist and pay the expensive danish dollars to get it done pro, but my Mum insists that a bit of spray and teasing will make it poofy and very 80's...i don't know if it is a compliment, but it is a lot cheaper.

I have an ad from Dove from 81 that is my main inspirationpic, but the clothing that I really want to find, isn't easily scavenged here in Cph. So... I'm working on the body first, and then hoping to dress it by luck or a twist in opportunities.

Observations I have on my to-do list is to find examples of people with a feeling of superiority and see how they handle confrontation and rejection. I don't think Joani is going to be incredibly aware of her face, so I want to work some layers of emotion into her mimic, but I want some fieldwork to lay the ground for how it will end up being expressed.

Gonna skype with my coplayer, gonna do some soundbites of Joani doing some sort of spiritual guided meditation for the players that knows her work and get an idea of, how her skin feels.

More to come :)